CD Duplicate Master software development kit (SDK) allows developers to add function to their own software. With this tool, the end customers can get more benefits from your products. Now, all existing components of CD Duplicate Master can be purchased at a discounted price.
CD Duplicate SDK
  • Copy both audio CD and data CD with best quality.
  • Grab audio tracks from CD and save them to personal hard drive
  • Support various output formats, like RAW, OGG, MP3 and WAV music files.
  • Extract digital audio tracks from an audio CD into sound files on personal hard disk.
  • Write files to CD-R media.
  • Erase the unneeded data from CD-RW.
  • Name the files which desired to grab, using information received from CDDB source.
  • Change and add name of artist, album and tracks.
Customization Service
Whether you need an enhancement to a current feature, or a completely new specialized application, Jam Video Software's Customization Service can fit both of your need. Please let us know your valued information via email, we will reply after consulting.
If you are interested in CD Duplicate SDK and Customization Service, please contact us
CD Duplicate Master
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